Collaborative workshop

Do you want to bring out the best ideas from your teams?
Do you want your employees or customers to join your initiatives?

-> CreativMinds advises and supports you in the realization of your collaborative workshops!
-> You don't know where to start? We carry out your workshop from A to Z: creation of the concept, preparation, organization and realization of the workshop, delivery of a report.

Some examples of the use of collaborative workshops with endless capacities:

  • Ideation: to generate brand names, imagine creative concepts for new products,


  • Problem solving: to analyze the root causes of a malfunction, assess risks, find solutions,

  • Strategic analysis and marketing: to assess a market, imagine strategies, find the right marketing positioning,

  • Decision making: to weigh the pros and cons and choose the best alternative.

  • Team-building: to break the ice, to untie difficult relationships ...

  • etc ...

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