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Bring your ideas to life

If a picture is worth 1000 words,

How much is a video worth?

At CreativMinds, we have developed skills in video creation because we know that it is much easier to capture the attention of customers / employees with animations.


As part of our change management missions, we particularly use videos to:

  1. launch the discovery phase (Awareness)

  2. make users want to change (Desire)

  3. improve the passage of knowledge and support (Knowledge + Ability)

  4. celebrate success

  5. recall good practices (Reinforcement)

Here are some examples of videos we have created:


Tips and tricks

Content for your communities

In order to arouse the desire to change and support your customers or your employees, but also to enable them to learn how these changes impact them, it is vital to offer them engaging communication.

We create tips and tricks that you can post on your internal networks (Teams, Workplace by Facebook, Intranet, ...).

We provide you with the image and the PDF version of our smartcards. We also have the option of providing you with animated GIFs instead of static content.