Portrait Nadège FARALLI


My name is Nadège FARALLI.


I did my engineering studies, in apprenticeship, at IMERIR in order to obtain a Master Degree in Computer Science, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

More recently I attended a training course at the HEG in Geneva and obtained a CAS in Business Analysis and a certification in Value Analysis.


I have a rather odd career that allowed me to gain experience in many areas and open my mind to different tools and methodologies:

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Since 9 years, I practice a job that interests me: Business Analysis.

What is it ??? How it works ??? This article is made for you !


Why did I create this site?

And above all, to share my experience.

I often have the opportunity to talk with some colleagues Business Analysts and we all face the same problems, questions ...

And if for once, we share our best practices as well as the discoveries that allow us to do our work more "powerful" and more fun!


I also want to promote the work of Business Analyst and it's role in companies.

Often misunderstood, Business Analysts are often underused, while they have a real added value in teams:

  • they help you to define the strategy of the different strata of your company,

  • in your projects, they allow you to avoid basic mistakes by focusing on the real needs of your customers (not the ones your customers think they have ... the ones they really need),

  • they allow you to add real value to your products / services,

  • they are also the interfaces / translators between the business and the technical teams,

  • And much more …


I hope you'll enjoy this site and that it will help you better understand and realize the work of Business Analyst.


I can't wait to read your feedback on my articles and chat with you. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to ask me questions or make me start writing an article corresponding to a new theme!