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Another new blog ... yes but he talks about Business Analysis

It's been a few months (even a few years) that I want to start a blog, while still rejecting the opening of it:

Why starting this kind of adventure? What am I going to tell? Why would people come to read me? Am I going to interest someone? (at least one person ... that would not be bad).

And finally, I decided it was the right time !

I am a Business Analyst (yes it is a job) and sometimes it’s difficult to find methods or tools that help me to do my job more easily. I had the opportunity to discuss about it with some colleagues who are in the same situation as me. Finally, we all spend hours and hours doing research to find tips and tricks but we have trouble transmitting our findings.

From there came to me the idea of creating a collection of my personal tips and tricks and to make them benefit the greatest number.

I will explain what techniques and tools I have implemented to solve my "problems" as well as my personal "tips".

I hope this blog will answer your questions and will be of importance tohelp you.

Do not hesitate to leave me comments !


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