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How to manage the digital transformation of a company ?

We live in a rapidly changing society, constantly moving. A company that does not renew itself, that does not transform itself, is a company that dies.

With the digital shift that has taken place in last years, most companies have been working, for some years, and still on their digital transformations: replace actions, activities, services, processes that were previously performed by staff by their digital equivalent.

This can actually save companies time / money, allow them to improve, or possibly attract more customers.

However, most companies do not address this transformation in the right direction : they are trying to implement digital tools to replace the activities performed by their employees without questioning their processes.

When choosing to start a transformation, the question to answer is : " is the way I do my business right now is always the most appropriate in the world around us now ? "

Let us take the example of the administrations that have been trying for the past ten years to bring paper-based administrative procedures (or ticket offices) to online administrative procedures. They have encountered many problems because they have not reviewed the processes and organization related to these administrative procedures.

A request is not treated the same way when it is done by the paper route or when it is done through a website.

The same is true for all the processes of a company: it is not by adding tools, software over processes that are no longer adequate that the company will make money or time.

On the contrary, it’s going to lose money, time, and is likely to demotivate its employees.

The first thing to do when a company decides to go into a digital transformation, is to check if the current process and the organization set up are the right ones. They may have been the best in the past, because they did not have the same tools, or the circumstances were different, but it certainly is not the case now.

The company must absolutely think about how it should work now to optimize its costs and satisfy its customers. In essence, it needs to find ways to improve its processes and services to bring greater value to its clients.

There are many techniques, methods and tools that support these reflections. It is important for an analyst to be an integral part of the transformation projects to help the company :

  • ask the right questions,

  • imagine the best solutions,

  • establish an appropriate transformation plan.

For this reason, value analysis is a very interesting tool since it also allows customers and employees to be surveyed to ask for their opinion. It also allows us to think about solutions that could be disruptive and to move society in the right direction.

In future articles I will share with you my feedback on business transformation (process / digitization).

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