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Sylvie SERRE

I have been in the computer world for over 20 years.

After a DUT Statistics and Data Processing Data, I integrated a Computer and Statistics Engineering IUP. Although my attraction was more towards statistics, it is computer science that has "imposed" on me. Very curious by nature, I tried different types of positions such as development, customer support, project management and especially business analysis.

I worked for very different clients such as a large refrigerated transport group, multinational agribusinesses, or even very small local structures. But I am also accustomed to complex and exposed regulatory areas such as the field of social benefits in Geneva, the registries of commercial courts, private banks or the management of car parks or aviation. Everything interests me, fascinates me, I love to discover.

In 2016, I passed a certification of Scrum Master and in 2017 I did a CAS in Business Analysis at HEG in Geneva. This training allowed me to discover my job from another angle, to acquire new techniques and to certify me also in value analysis. Since then, I continue to seek to enrich my skills by training in sketchnoting or game storming.

Here, I will be happy to help you in the realization of your projects.